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As we all are aware, Kannada Sangha is growing rapidly day by day in and around GTA. One of the key agenda of Kannada Sangha is to keep everybody connected and help/support our community.

Keeping this broad aim of wellbeing to our Kannada community, we are planning to ramp up our website, Facebook pages etc. For e.g., creating blogs for different purpose etc.) in order to make it easy to connect to each other.

We can achieve this goal quickly if we get more generous support from existing sponsors of Kannada Sangha and if new entrepreneurs enroll and become one among the several esteemed sponsors of Kannada sangha Toronto.

Our humble request to all Kannadiga’s who are owning small scale industry/product sales/services are welcome to promote your organization by sponsoring KST activities and reach each and every one of our community very quickly.

Sponsorship categories

  • The sponsorship categories are applicable from Naada Habba Event to the subsequent Naada Habba Event. For more details on the categories, please contact KST President at kst.president@gmail.com  

  • All sponsors with family get full fly one year membership

  • All sponsors get free admission - 2 people - To the respective number of KST events

Not Interested in Annual Sponsorships? Want to take one step at a time? No Worries! Contact kst.president@gmail.com

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